Spare Wheel Holder - Rhino-Rack
Spare Wheel Holder - Rhino-Rack

Spare Wheel Holder - Rhino-Rack

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No longer will you need to find the space inside your car to fit a large, bulky wheel. Free up that space by securely mounting it to the top of your vehicle on our Pioneer Platforms, Pioneer Trays, Pioneer Tradies and Alloy Trays using the Spare Wheel Holder.

The unit is easy to fit using a one piece clamping unit. It's made from strong ultra-light materials and comes with a 3 year warranty.


Easy to install
Creates extra room inside your vehicle for family and friends
Securely fixes the spare wheel to your roof
Suitable for light off-road use
Transport your spare wheel outside your vehicle
Easy to mount
Made from strong ultra-light materials